Prof. Andreev on blockchain in education

Below you can read an extract from the op-ed that prof. Ognyan Andreev from CSSB wrote on the subject of blockchain technology application in education.

(…) On a side note, which is the world’s first blockchain project in the field of education and professional development might be a more interesting question than it sounds. Many initiatives claim to be the pioneers. A closer look at a specialized portal shows that at least 4 out of 5 top-rated projects claim an identical badge of honor. To answer this question, we need to look into the history of the projects concerned. Below there is one of the earliest research papers on the project. The paper describes the principles of operation that are today outlined in the whitepaper and the roadmap of OS University.

If this scientific paper was hashed on the blockchain, maybe it would have been easier to put an end to the dispute. It will definitely be easier in the future. Today, “OS University” as a research project needs “OS University” as a technology solution to claim its position as a blockchain pioneer in the field of education the same way any learner and any employee need it to strive in the competitive academic and career development landscape. It is not simply a matter of personal claims and checks – it is a matter of building a tool for providing indisputable digital identity in a globalized, digitized world. (…)

As of 2011, Prof. Ognyan Andreev is Head of the Department of Economics, Industrial Engineering and Management at the Faculty of Economics, Technical University of Sofia. Author and co-author of more than 80 scientific papers and reports, 6 textbooks and teaching materials, 3 monographs in the area of project management. He has been part of more than 15 scientific and applied research projects, of which a project manager in 7, including 2 TEMPUS projects and 2 British know-how fund projects on academic education and corporate L&D in the field of management.

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