The Center for Shared Science and Business (Център за споделена наука и бизнес развитие към ТУ София) has the statute of a university center at the Technical University of Sofia, an applied science laboratory, established on March 28th 2018 by the Academic Council of TU Sofia on recommendation by the Faculty of Management and  the Faculty of Electronic Engineering & Technologies.

The Mission

The Center for Shared Science and Business is meant to establish and develop contemporary approaches of shared science, as well as to maintain a collaboration between industry and science when it comes to new knowledge areas development in order to achieve the strategic goal of transforming Technical University of Sofia into a leading competitive innovative and hi-tech university.


The objective of the Centre for Shared Science and Business is to perform applied scientific industrial researches, according to the Bulgarian national priorities, as well as to the trends of the worldwide science development; to develop open-source products; to collaborate with business and manage business projects; to support implementing scientific results into the practice; to develop and offer new innovative approaches and methodology in the field of education taking into account the requirements of business.