The Center for Shared Science and Business at the Technical University of Sofia has a wide portfolio of collaborative projects and  initiatives. The Center:

  • Conducts research, analysis and design of innovations and business development dynamics of different actors in contemporary market economies and industries; builds and analyzes databases in the field of SME development;
  • Elaborates targeted research methodologies and tools and stimulates TU-Sofia academic staff personal development and R&D activities; Supports TU-Sofia researchers through involving in, developing and performing scientific research projects under national and international programs and initiatives;
  • Conducts research and expert activities in programs and projects of national and international scope and importance; Initiates innovative applied projects in TU-Sofia in the context of Industry 4.0; introduces new educational technologies and approaches (Education 4.0), customized curricula and syllabuses according to the global market and international trends and requirements (e.g., Internet of Things);
  • Develops and offers scientific and applied products and services to external customers in the areas of innovations, modern industries and business development incl. research, analysis and implementation of innovative services in educational and labor markets; Provides assistance to educational and labor mobility in major scientific areas, educational specialties, corporate & social networks;
  • Supports building of harmonious business-university relationships, based on national, international and global processes and projects. Organizes and participates in scientific, academic and other events relative to its subject matter;
  • Invites renowned scientists, academics and specialists from the field of business to give public lectures and take part in discussions in the field of  regional, national, European and global economy.

List of publications by research project