List of publications by research project

  • Проект “Изследване на критичните фактори за успех в управлението на заинтересованите страни при технологични проекти с отворен код” / Research on Critical Success Factors in Open Source Projects’ Stakeholder Management (2015-2020)
    • Andreev, O., Daskalov, H. (2019). A framework for managing student data through blockchain. Selected and extended papers from X-th ISC „Е-governance and E-communications“, R&DS of TU-Sofia, Bulgaria.
    • Andreev, O., Daskalov, H. (2018). Decentralized blockchain innovations in the field of higher education. HEInnovate: Supporting Institutional Change in Higher Education, Ruse University, Bulgaria.
    • Andreev, O., Daskalov, H. (2018). Open source project management, based on critical success factors exploration: the case of OS.University. Proceedings from the 11th International Conference on Digital Economy & Blockchain Technologies, Varna, Bulgaria.
    • Daskalov, H. (2019). A method for exploring the effect of the application of alternative forms of incentivization for high performance. XVII International Scientific Conference “Management and Engineering”, Sozopol, Bulgaria.
    • Daskalov, H. (2018). Academia 4.0 – University on the Blockchain. Center for Shared Science & Business, TU Sofia.
    • Daskalov, H. (2017). Application of cryptocurrency innovation beyond the financial world. The case of the blockchain as a medium for organization of Academia-Business cooperation. Monetary Research Center, UNWE.
    • Daskalov, H. (2017). Involvement of Academia in social innovation, based on human-centered design – the case of the “Open Source University” project. Proceedings of the Annual Scientific Conference on Economics & Entrepreneurship. Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management, RTU.
    • Daskalov, H. (2017). Managing stakeholders’ engagement in social innovation projects – learnings from the online world of open source innovation. Economics, Management, Finance & System Engineering from the Academic and Practitioners Views. Proceeding of Selected Papers. Brno University of Technology.
    • Daskalov, H. (2017). Open public policy innovations, supporting the growth of the digital SMEs in the context of Industrial Revolution 4.0. Journal of Industrial Management. TU-Sofia.
    • Koleva, N., Daskalov, H. (2018). Management of projects for open collaboration within the “knowledge triangle” on a local and regional level. Proceedings from the 16thInternational Conference on Management & Engineering, Sozopol, Bulgaria.

  • More projects to be added soon